Born In A Riddle

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Born in a riddle

Caught in the middle

Return this to sender

It’s not my agenda

They ran with the wounded

The cat and the spoon did

The cow and the fiddle

Went out of their minds


Nobody saw them

But who could ignore them

Who strike from the shadows

These bright fighting lad’ohs

They’ve broken our toys

They’ve ruined our boys

They’ve turned all our dreamers

To plotters and schemers


They’ve taken our playground

And made it their payround

And like every bully

They make us pay fully

Cash for their power

Or blood on the hour

The bills just get higher

And higher and higher


Hooked on the thrilling

Orgasm of killing

They live for the minute

And butcher what’s in it

Faking forgiving

They’re making a living

From all of our sorrows

With all our tomorrows


Those who would lead us

Have nothing to feed us

No beauty, no vision

No change, no mission

How could they save us

Weighed down by old favours?

Their masters are paying

To keep their tunes playing


Don’t say it’s a cancer

For which there’s no answer

The time is a-coming

For stopping the drumming

It won’t be our talents

That strike us the balance

The tide is for turning

The tide is for turning


Born in a riddle,

Caught in the middle

Return this to sender,

It’s not my agenda

Leave me to burrow,

Or plough my own furrow

I don’t need your gun ….

To jump over the moon


Words and Music ©Garvin Crawford


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