Catching A Ride On A Tune

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Like a surfer awaiting a wave

Not knowing how it’ll behave

You don’t want to jump on too soon

When you’re catching a ride on a tune

You want to get into the flow

And give up the devil you know

You follow the pull of the moon

When you’re catching a ride on a tune



I’m catching a ride on a tune

I’m hoping I’ll get to you soon

I’m flying so high and so low

I’m flying wherever you go

I’m catching a ride on the air

I could be the wind in your hair

I’m hoping I’ll get to you soon

So I’m catching a ride on a tune


It must be a kiss that you blew

Sweet inspiration from you

‘Cos the music you hear isn’t mine

It just seemed to turn up on time

Coming to give me a ride

Straight back to you on the tide

Putting me into a swoon

Bringing you me on a tune




The harder you try to stay on

The sooner you’re gonna be gone

Trying to steer it is wrong

When you get a free ride on a song

It’s magical riding a tune

And that’s why I’ll be there as soon

As you hear my voice in the room

You will know that I came on a tune





Words and Music © 1993 Garvin Crawford


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