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The memories we make

They grow

And come entwined

With those we know

And those we love

The more we know

The more we hate

To let them go


When we are young and all

Is new

And we can choose

What we will do

We cannot tell

The roots we grow

Grow deeper still

The more we know


And every love that gets


Will grow its roots

Another way

Till even though

They long for you

They cannot grow

Enough for two


I had a love she loved

Me too

But this was love

That never grew

So deep entwined

In roots and leaves

And other lover’s



So make your choice and make

It tell

You’re making memories

As well

They’ll pin your colours

To your mast

And bind your future

To your past


To choose a lover

Or a friend

Choose the way

The world will end

Choose with whom

You want to be


All eternity



Words and Music ©Garvin Crawford.


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