Don’t Buy It

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Don’t buy it ‘cos you want it

Don’t buy it ‘cos you can

And if you really need it

To realise a plan

Find something lying broken

That you can mend instead

The habit you’ve awoken

Will buy time ahead


We gotta slow the world down

We’ve gotta live on less

We gotta use our savings

To clear up the mess

We bit the hand that feeds us

So Mother Nature’s dry

No other creature needs us

Beneath this sky


We’re out of all proportion

We live in every space

We’ve sacrificed all caution

To win the human race

So can we now be humble

And cut our numbers back

Self-induce our tumble

Cut our kids some slack?


We’re running out of freedom

To spend and spend and spend

We’re running out of freedom

And we can see the end

When every food’s been tasted –

We’ve had what life can give –

It will all be wasted

If our kids can’t live


Refrain twice, and end


Words and Music ©Garvin Crawford.


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