Geraldine Song

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She’s light on her feet

She’s careless but neat

Her dress shows impeccable taste

It could be a sin

She thinks her legs are too thin

But she’s got an immaculate waist

Her eyes it is true

Are brown and not blue

But she’s all that a man could desire

Just kiss her and soon

The massed bands of the moon

Sound in league with some heavenly choir


She’s quick and refined

With a feminine mind

As sharp as the edge of a sword

That kind of a queen

That only a clean-

Living guy or a fool could afford

It’s not just her pride

Or her tender inside

That drives a man wild with desire

It’s that nonchalant smile

The soft kiss and the guile

And the way she looks cool under fire


Her love runs deep

Her crazy mind’s her own

But I wonder does she feel she’s on her own?

For I’d be glad

To take her hand

And show her

How beautiful she is

To show by touch

That she means so much

That she’s not alone

And if she’d want me to

I’d do

Much more than this


But she’s watchful and sly

With a wandering eye

Weighing the odds on romance

She’s hedging her bets

On each man that she gets

In the hope that he’s rich and can dance

She plans and she schemes

But she’s true to her dreams

Oh, how could I ever explain

She’s good and she’s bad

And she’s just enough mad

To pass for being wonderfully sane



Words and Music © 1973 Garvin Crawford

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