I Wander Round London

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I take your hand

And I wander round London

Wander round London to find you

You take command

And I wander round London

Wander round London behind you


Searching for happiness

In the museums

Stopping in churches

To hear the ‘Te Deums’

Soaking up history

Fast as we can

Missing out everything

Not in the plan


Caught in the wash

Of the goldpanner’s stream

Playing our part

In the adman’s dream

Grabbing for meaning-filled

Books on the shelves

Dealing with anything

But ourselves ….. I take your hand


Taking in two shows a night

Running wild

Fleeing the cycle

Of parent and child

You with your fear of

Being sentenced to birth

Me with my programme

To husband the earth


Running from destiny

Running too fast

Caught in the clock

We wound in the past

Spilling our mystery

Out on the streets

Leaving our heritage

Under the sheets ….. I take your hand


Trapped in the intrigue

That nature designed

The power of the body

The will of the mind

Here is the city

To colour our dance

To show off our feathers

And teach us romance


This is the ritual

This is the dance

This is the moment

We don’t leave to chance

Watched by old lovers

We summon our powers

Enter our history

Take what is ours! ….. I take your hand


Words and Music © 1995 Garvin Crawford


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