The Population Mechanism – Why We Must Depopulate And How


Here is a book containing an idea that can lead to reducing human population levels substantially around the world voluntarily – without violence, without government intervention, without personal abstinence, and without infringing human rights. Such a prize, many will think, when our burgeoning numbers are increasingly putting so much pressure on our environment.

Here also is a warning against focusing our thoughts and efforts solely on averting climate change, or any other impending environmental crisis, when they are all merely symptoms of the root, more threatening, problem of over-population.

For the profoundly disappointing reasons demonstrated here, no government or combination of governments can act to reduce our numbers peaceably. Only we, as individuals, can uncouple the forces that are locking us in and bring about what, for now, is only remedy that fits the criteria.

To find out for yourself why this must be so, and how we can do it, do please read the book and encourage others to do so too. Because of the urgency and what is at stake, I can make no apology for asking this of you.

My commitment is to use your contributions to publicise and promote this idea, and to set up the not-for-profit Research Institute needed to develop the product that will make it possible.  So please may I also ask you to point your friends on Facebook/Twitter to the link below, as well as forward this to everyone you care about – this is an existential issue that affects us all – and urge them to do the same.

The Population Mechanism (£6.99) comes with a Preface by John Barry, Professor of Political Green Economy at Queen’s University, Belfast. He describes it as ‘original’ and ‘important’. You can download it now by clicking the button below – on payment you will receive a receipt by email that includes the link to download the book:

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And when you see what can be done, I hope you will want to return to this site and lend as much support as you can to the R&D Fund by hitting the DONATE button.

Please note, this is a not-for-profit project.

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Garvin Crawford


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