The Travelling Man

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The travelling man met a growing pretty girl

In a restaurant in the city

“I always was a travelling man

Before life closed me in, I ran.


At 16 years I left my mother

Trying to find my perfect lover

I’d sail the seas, I’d fly the skies

And chase that rainbow till it dies


I left my friends, I left my town

I left my time to settle down

I left my church that had long gone stale

The traveling man found his Holy Grail


Now ladies come and ladies go

And even though I’d love them so

There ain’t been one who’d be so wild

And make me stay and have her child


Come with me baby to some sunny clime

I’ve seen a lot of space and I’ve wasted time”

“Stay with me here” the young girl said

“I’ve a house, and credit, and a double bed.


You’ve gotta stay still if you wanna grow”

The man stood up and said “I know,

But I’d always miss whatever I do

Living I think I’m entitled to.


Goodbye” he said. “Goodbye” she said

“I hear the lonely wind that takes me from my love”


Words ©James Simmons/Garvin Crawford

Music ©James Simmons


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