If Only Time Stood Still

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If only time stood still

Whenever you’re away

There’d be no time to kill

We’d never lose a day

And all the friends we’d meet

Who happen in between

Would hand us back their memories

Of how we each had been


The times we never had

Are those I miss the most

The good ones and the bad

Pass me like a ghost

The memories I dream

Like stepping stones of time

Were put across the stream

By other hands than mine


And so the path is laid

Our lives will run their course

The journey will be made

We’ll travel to the source

And there we’ll meet again

To re-emerge as one

Making up the memory

We must have once begun



We’ll live the dream

We’ll live the dream

Farewell to time

We’ll live the dream


If only time stood still

So we could start again

I’m dreaming that it will

In dreams we harboured then

We’ll lay a different path

For we’ll have different stones

And laugh our lazy laugh

I feel it in my bones




If only time stood still

The moment when we met

The dream we could fulfil

We would be dreaming yet

But time gets in the way

And brings the pains we bear

Steals away the memories

That we were meant to share




Words and Music ©Garvin Crawford


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